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Supporting the whisky trade market transforming your sales into experiences.

Over 90 percent of Super star whiskies today will land up in the hands of collectors never completing its journey to the glass as intended by the whisky makers.

Creating unique experiences is the key to developing and maintaining loyal client’s for your area of service.

We Work together with your team, to learn and appreciate what is important for you and your clients.

Offering training and brand support from before the first order with the versatility to make the necessary adjustments as we journey together. Forging that unique space and experience, from a one-off event or dedicated experiential spaces with a calendar of events.

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The Whisky Palate

In the words of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835 – 1910), also known as Mark Twain, this quote from a letter written on February 10, 1906 to Andres Carnegie in Scotland.

Dear St. Andrew, The whisky arrived in due course from over the water; last week one bottle of it was extracted from the wood and inserted into me, on the installment plan, with this result: that I believe it to be the best, smoothest whisky now on the planet. Thanks, oh, thanks!

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The Whisky Palate

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