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Asian Wedding Show

A wedding to remember means raising the bar – literally. Guests want the ultimate drinks experience (and everyone knows that means unlimited).

Here at The Whisky Palate and together with Cosmo Events, we’re in the business of upgrading your function. We’ve been crafting unique, unlimited, premium drinks experiences for years – so you don’t have to.

  • Unlimited bar packages, customised to your needs, preferences, budget, and taste.
  • Prestige & Limited whiskies, cocktails, (mocktails), and spirits from our vast selection.
  • Fixed price per head keeps things simple.
  • World-class mixologists and international bar staff for the perfect luxury function take care of everything.

Our (wonderful) partnership with Cosmo Events spans years. It’s seen us cater to every need, request, and detail. Our seamless service may start at the distillery, but it continues right to the dance floor – with a short stop at the bar.

For unparalleled whiskies, spirits, and a wedding you and your guests will remember, you’re in safe hands with us. It’s why people book us a year in advance.

When people ask us why we’re so passionate, our answer is always the same. Weddings with an average bar don’t go down in history. Yours deserves to.

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