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Owning & Selling

Owning a whisky cask is the romantic feeling of having your own piece of whisky history. The journey of each cask is unique and whilst most of the work is done for you over time, it is always worth keeping an eye on the liquid to make sure you get the best and highest quality result.

Selling Your Cask:

  • Do you own a whisky cask you would like to sell?
  • Need advice on how to sell your whisky cask?
  • Not sure what steps are needed to sell?
  • Do you need a valuation or advice?
  • Need advice on the best time to sell your cask?
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The Next Steps

We will consider any whisky cask you would like to sell and offer a professional service by experts. From valuation to final payment, we will work through each of the steps together with you.

Email your enquiry to set up an initial phone meeting for a free estimated valuation and to discuss the options you have.

How to Start:

  1. Email you enquiry to
  2. We will schedule an initial phone meeting.
  3. A free estimated valuation will be made.
  4. We will discuss the available options.

Sell Your Cask

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